Hot New Releases: A children's book, a business book, and our upcoming defi startup... 🚀

Hi, LaunchTeam Crew!

Sorry for being a bit MIA. April was a heck of a month for me. I got married...and my wife's birthday was a week prior to that! 

On the business front, our new releases are heating up. Take a looksy...

Gigi Rowe Wishes

Our first children's book, Gigi Rowe Wishes, launches today. It was written and created by the real-world pop star, Gigi Rowe. Get it on Amazon for $1.99, discounted just for you during our launch week. 🙂

The Flourishing Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

The Flourishing Entrepreneurial Lifestyle launches later this month. Join the launch team now for early access to the book, plus special perks and prizes.


This summer, we'll be publicly announcing our new company, Praise. This is a project we've been dreaming up for a long time. Join the launch team to get early access to Praise (plus an inside look at a large-scale app launch).
That's all for now. 

Remember to keep makin' moves!

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