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Thanks and it will be beneficial.
Glad to welcome you onto the community, Samuel!
Seconded! Feel free to message any of the staff here at LaunchTeam if you have any questions.
Thanks for the warm welcome Jesse! Looking forward to getting to know the launchteam community better. 
So glad you are here! Welcome! 
Interesting enterprise!
Looking forward to participate & contribute...
Dr Shree MD
Author: "Gym'less Fitness"
'Get fit at home, in 15 minutes a day!'
CoViD-19 resistant, lockdown-proof!
Love this! My in-laws run a gym and are looking for ways to go digital. 👍🏻👍🏻
How can I vet my kids invention through your echo system?  Backpal 

You’ll learn all about it here. Looks like a cool product! 
One place to start would be to add the product to our community launches area. You should be able to create a new topic and then design the post to give people more info. Include the video above! 
Thanks, great being here. I was wondering if there´s a section for Latinx founders/entrepreneurs? Or is there a plan to have LT expanding into Latin America?
Carlos! Thanks for being here! You should totally create that space within our platform. You could use our launch methods to launch your Latin-Focused Entrepreneur hub, and then continue to grow it within our platform. By the end of next week, you’ll know exactly how to do that. We are already a global platform, so invite your Latin friends! J

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